Former saxophonist and singer Steve Hurst grew up in Ida B. Wells housing projects in Chicago. Studying art in New York City, Hurst freelanced as a graphic designer and photographer for over 30 years. He has had several one-man shows of his paintings, illustrations, photography and clocks in Illinois, New York City, Boston, Cleveland and the Bay Area. He now lives in Point Richmond, California.

Steve’s mother was a big influence in his life, often giving him things to be creative with. He began making clocks in 1990 and introduced his first series of clocks in 1991. The designs are sculptural, multi-layered and incorporate a myriad of textures and finishes. Most are made primarily from recycled and found objects.

Steve loves designing commissioned pieces because they allow him to dig deeply into the mind and soul of a person, couple or company and translate what he discovers in them into creative expressions that are an extension of them. His mission is to design the most beautiful and intriguing clocks in the world. His other mission is to help other artists as he moves onward to a more successful career in the art world.

Steve began mentoring his, now, good friend and assistant Jovi Geaga. Having learned everything from painting pistachio shells and working with power tools to designing his own creations and redesigning the website, Jovi can pretty much run the business by himself. Through the process of being guided to discover the power of his own creativity, he has blossomed into one of the most creative and important assets of the business.

Another talent at STEVENart Design Studio is Jovi Geaga, a Filipino-American artist from Berkeley, California. As a hobby during his high school and college years, Jovi spent much time designing and building clocks with his friend, Steve, who also served as a mentor. Jovi became more involved with STEVENart, assisting with open studios and art shows, helping formulate the business plan, and taking on   design and marketing responsibilities.

In Berkeley, Jovi had access to many opportunities that promoted the arts. He explored his abilities as an artist by playing the clarinet, drawing, writing poetry, producing short videos and performing as a DJ. He credits much of his interest in art to his grandmother, who would often take him and his younger brother to museums and bookstores. At twenty-six, Jovi has gravitated towards clock designing and fabrication as his chief art-related activity.

Growing up in the diverse culture of Berkeley, Jovi also built strong bonds with people of various ethnic backgrounds. This experience compelled him to view ethnic diversity as a beautiful and important characteristic of American society, motivating him to pursue a degree in Ethnic Studies at San Francisco State University. The diversity of style in his clocks is reflective of his belief that all are different in a beautiful way, whether people or clocks.

Jovi loves to evoke a sense of wonder and peace in his clock designs as well as other areas of his life. He is currently exploring his passion for teaching as a classroom assistant at an elementary school.
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"For me, building my clocks is as relaxing and peaceful as viewing them."
"I love designing commissioned pieces because they allow me to dig deeply into the mind and soul of a person, couple or company."
In 1974, Steve Hurst purchased two uniquely-designed bookends. Unfortunately, they were too small to hold up his textbooks, so he stored them. In 1990, he saw an ad in Popular Mechanics for clock parts. Those bookends immediately flashed into his mind and he ordered a few clock movements. A year later, hit by New York’s recession, he made a few clocks and sent out fifty invitations to an open house at his home in Westchester County. The success of that open house launched a whole career.
Turning Time Into Art
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Notable owners of STEVENart clocks:
Magic Johnson (commissioned gift)
Oprah Winfrey (gift)
Shimada, Japan Sister City Delegation (commissioned gift now hanging in Shimada’s City Hall)
Marin Health and Wellness Center (three commissions)
Courtyard Marriot at Hilltop (commission)
Richmond Chamber of Commerce
Richmond Globe Newspaper (commission)
Rosemary Corbin, former Mayor of Richmond (commissioned gift)

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